Jewelry Television – My First Live Show


What a week it has been!  I am nearly ready for my trip to Knoxville, Tennessee to debut my Solder Stations on live television.

While I have done a soldering DVD series in the past, there was always the option to do a re-take.  Not so this time, so I have been diligently preparing all week.  It was Thomas Edison who said, “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”  Let’s hope he was right.

I love to use an artist’s case intended for paintbrushes to travel with my tools. The slots for brushes fit my files perfectly.

I will be on the segment called “Jewel School,” which is on Monday, December 16 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time.  Jewelry Television is carried on most cable networks, but if yours does not, you can stream it live from their website at

Some of the projects I will be demonstrating at JTV.

While I am on Jewel School, I will be doing live demonstrations on how to make the projects in the picture above using my Solder Station, now sold by Wubbers.  After I got my degree in metals, I taught a number of different classes, from high school through college  and Adult Ed classes. Though there were never any soldering accidents, having 6 students soldering, 6 on a buffing machine, and numerous high school students with sharp objects, well it can be a bit nerve wracking and stressful.

The students safety was foremost in my mind.  Most schools don’t always have specifically designed jewelry classes, the one room may be shared between many disciplines.  Open flames are always an extreme liability. At first I used cookie sheets to cover the solder tables, but they ended up being more dangerous, slipping all over the place.

So I asked a machinist friend to make something like I envisioned, heavy enough with tall sides and a lip on the front. Then, I asked of him if he could make something to hold a brick that would easily turn, so students wouldn’t have to lean over a hot charcoal block to see the solder flow.  The rest is history, and we made them for a couple of years, and they were extremely popular.

I’m so proud that Wubbers recognized the set up was quality enough to be considered a Wubbers product.  They will turn any stable area into a soldering area, which is safe, clean and secure.  When you are playing with fire, you cannot take chances.

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4 comments on “Jewelry Television – My First Live Show
  1. Mary Ware says:

    You go, girl. Break a leg!

  2. Saw you on the show. You were great!

  3. Mary Ware says:

    Was not home to watch the show 😦 Is there a tape available to watch? mw

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