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Jewelry Making Q&A: Finger Tape for Wubbers Looping Pliers

Question:  The regular size Wubbers Looping Pliers are designed for use with 20-gauge wire.  Is it possible to use other sizes of wire with them? Patti’s Answer:  You can use 20-gauge wire or smaller with the Regular Wubbers Looping Pliers.

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Jewelry Making Q&A: Tumbling Several Pieces at One Time

Q: Is there a way to keep track of all the pieces I tumble?  I always seem to loose pieces in the stainless steel shot! A: Our answer comes in form of a tip from Wubbers University instructor Heidy Henke.

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Wubbers University Spotlight: Valorie Clifton

Some things go together, like snowballs and mittens, or hot chocolate and marshmallows.  They’re just a natural fit.  For us it is Valorie Clifton and Wubbers. We have been honored to have this talented lady as one of our most

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It’s the Holiday Season!

The Holiday Season is in full swing! It’s not too late to start on those handmade gifts and update your Etsy stores and websites for shoppers. Who is on your list to receive handmade jewelry this year from you? Hopefully

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Jewelry Making Q&A: Bezel Does Not Fit After Soldering

Q: My bezel fit before I soldered it; now it doesn’t. Do I need to start over? A: Don’t despair, it has happened to me, and once I called the mill from where I had purchased the silver, and they

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Jewlery Making Q&A: Polishing in Tight Spots

Q: How do I polish in those hard to reach, small spaces? A: Ever find yourself in a “tight spot”, where you can’t get a file or silicon wheel into a small area for polishing? This little tip helps a

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Jewelry Making Q&A: Flux

Q: What do I do if my flux dries out? A: With all the talk of fluxes lately, people have been asking what to do if their flux dries out. Here are two methods which will work. I am notorious

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The 2014 Denver Gem and Mineral Show

As I forked out more money for another stone at the gem show last week, I looked at Wubbers U instructor, Linda Lurcott, and admitted for the first time, “I am a sick, sick woman.” I can remember when I

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Ask an Expert: Ten Essential Jewelry Sawing Tips

It matters not what type of jewelry you make, someday you may need to saw something out. We highly recommend you watch John Sartin’s Wubbers tutorial on Sawing and Drilling. John shares many techniques, which will make sawing much easier.

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Wubbers University Instructor Spotlight: Uschi Dittmann

We hope you enjoy our delightful interview with the multi-talented Uschi Dittman, our first international teacher from Germany.  We have students from all over the world enrolling in our classes, and that tremendously pleases us.  Uschi shares her thoughts about making jewelry

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