Live Jewelry Making Classes This Weekend

Bead Fest Texas
Arlington Convention Center
Learn: March 27-30
Shop: March 28-30

Bead Fest Texas is this weekend! Not only will there be great shopping Saturday and Sunday, (Wubber’s own Ginny Hampton will be selling her Ginnovations lampwork beads – they are ah-mazing!), there will be dozens of classes held Thursday through Sunday.  If you are in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, don’t miss this opportunity to take classes with experienced teachers.

Wubbers University instructors Jeff Fulkerson, Gwen Youngblood, Debra Mauser, and Janet Alexander are all teaching multiple classes.  Nothing beats attending a class in-person–it’s great to be able to raise your hand and get expert answers right then.  Plus, our instructors a load of fun!

Jeff Fulkerson


Gwen Youngblood


Debra Mauser


Janet Alexander



Sign up for these and all other Bead Fest Texas classes here.

If you aren’t in the DFW area, you can still “enroll” in great classes on Wubbers University.  Just create a free account, then use enrollment code wubu2 for any class.


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