Etsy Marketing Tip: Increase Your Traffic Using Pinterest

It’s Quick and Easy!

After you have listed a new item in your Etsy shop, pin it to your Pinterest boards.  It is a simple, often overlooked step that can bring you traffic with little effort.

  • You can create a board called “My Etsy Shop” and list only your work. It’s straightforward and easy.
  • Pinning in the evenings is generally the best time — more people are online and you’ll maximize your efforts.
Take it One Step Further

If you enjoy Pinterest and don’t mind spending a little extra time pinning, spend some time mapping out a Pinterest strategy for your business.  Create a board with some other items that are the same style as your jewelry–like an imaginary closet or other products with great style you absolutely love. You’ll gain followers with similar taste, so when you sprinkle in pins of your jewelry, it won’t feel spammy.

Being consistent is important too — pinning regularly over a long period of time will bring better results.

This tip works not just for Etsy, but any e-commerce site.

Leave a comment below and let us know, how do you use Pinterest for your business?

Happy Pinning!

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