Jewelry Making Q&A: Ferric Chloride Etching


Q: Hello again Lexi! You’ve given me such wonderful advice in the past and so I thought “who better would know the answer to this?”  Does ferric chloride etch raw brass? I have a number of ideas for projects, and would like to try brass, but don’t want to waste any of my solution as I have to have someone drive it to the remote area where I live. There is no where up here to buy it, so I have to find people making the long drive down south and back.


A: Thank you for writing. Absolutely you may etch brass with ferric chloride. Follow the directions just like you do for copper. In fact, if you etch it deep enough (just pull it out of the solution and check it for depth every now and then) you can etch your own texture plates for use in the rolling mill. This gives you a lot of flexibility with background designs in your work.

For anyone who would like to learn more about ferric chloride etching, be sure to enroll in Wubbers U instructor Melanie Bryant’s class on the subject:



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 Lexi Erickson, President of Wubbers University, is an internationally-known artist and teacher based in Denver, CO.  

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One comment on “Jewelry Making Q&A: Ferric Chloride Etching
  1. Kathe hilberman says:

    We used to be able to buy Ferric Chloride at any Radio Shack store – if there r any near you

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