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A Conversation With Master Jeweler Marne Ryan, the Queen of Texture

It has been my extreme honor and pleasure to be able to work with a number of fabulous artists and teachers. Yes, I have had my moments of intimidation, and meeting Marne for the first time was one of them,…but

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Using the Element of Line in Jewelry Design

Of all the elements of art, I really love the element of Line. Lines can show strength (vertical lines) or give you the essence of peacefulness, (horizontal lines). They can show excitement, (zig-zag lines), or femininity (curved lines). They can

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Use Delicious Color to Make Your Designs Pop!

As an artist who struggles with color (I’m colorblind) I love working with our guest artist for this week, Cynthia Gougian.  Her rules and ideas about color are so eye-opening to me. Take her tips, and translate them into sugary

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