How Do I Care For My Wubbers Pliers?

Keep Your Wubbers Pliers Looking and Working Like New!

I designed Wubbers to last, but here are some quick, simple things that you can do to keep them looking great and working great.

Feed Them!

One of the things that make Wubbers so comfortable to use is their light action springs. For this reason, it is especially important to keep them oiled so that they continue to open and close easily, just like they should. A lightweight oil that comes with a needle applicator is perfect. The Easy Oiler is the best that we have found for this job! Just put a couple of drops in the joint.
Oil 600

Clean and Polish Them

I have found that the Sunshine Polishing Cloth is a great way to polish and clean the metal surfaces of your Wubbers Pliers. You may already use this cloth to clean and polish your jewelry, but we also use it to “spiff” up our pliers. A light polish with this cloth will remove fingerprints, dirt and grime as well as soften light scratches.
Sunshine 600

Smooth Them

You may notice over time that the edges of the jaws of your pliers may show some wear. I love to use a flexible acrylic nail file to renew the edges of my Wubbers to that silky smooth feel that helps prevent marring. The file that I use has a fine grit-240 on one side, 400 on the other. Start with the 240-grit side, and file gently across the edges, positioning the file so that it only touches the one edge of the jaw. Then, do the same thing with the 400-grit side. To finish off with that silky feel, file back and forth along (or with) the edge of the jaw, slowly at first, then with a light, quick motion. It’s magic!
File 600

Wash Them?!

Oh my! I know that you’re not supposed to get steel tools wet (not even stainless tools), but I am only talking about the grips, and only with a wet wipe. Wet Ones contain alcohol, making the moisture evaporate quickly. They clean the grips perfectly using just a light touch, and they do not get enough moisture on the pliers to hurt them. Even though they appear to dry very quickly, I do give them about 30 minutes to dry thoroughly before putting them in my zippered travel case. I have used this method for years to renew the grips on my Wubbers, and it works beautifully.
   Wash 600

One Last Thing-Use Them and Love Them

I have designed Wubbers tools to give you years of service, while offering the best quality and value in the jewelry making industry. However, for me that single goal is not enough-my dream is that Wubbers will help ensure your success, while also making the process of creating jewelry fun and easy.
Here’s wishing you many happy hours filled with friends, chocolate, and, of course, making beautiful jewelry!
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