Need Ideas? Travel and Look to Mother Nature

As many of you know, Wubbers University teacher Renee Crum and I traveled to England last month and I have to tell you, it was probably the best trip of my lifetime. It’s so much fun to travel with someone with such a great eye for color and artistic elements. So I thought I would share some photos with you and talk about the elements and principles of design. To refresh your memory, the elements are line, color, shape, value and texture.

Everywhere you look in England are luscious gardens, filled with yummy colors…or colours, as the Brits say.


Even though I have a hard time seeing color, the hanging baskets of end-of- summer flowers still maintained the hues of summer. I started taking photos of colors that I thought would make great combinations for jewelry.


These ice cream colors were in a hanging basket outside of a tea room in Marlborough, and the feminine delicacy of the colors was something good enough to eat. How gorgeous these colors would be in a beaded necklace and earrings.   Yum!

As we were driving I kept seeing these street signs that looked like Wubbers pliers….they are everywhere. Of course it means the lanes merge together, but they sure look like Wubbers to me! Renee and I laughed every time we saw those, and seriously thought about putting the Wubbers logo under each sign.


One of the most fun, and colorful aspects of the trip was this delightful poodle we saw on Glastonbury Tor. If you look closely you can see the ears were green (which represent leaves) and the hair around the face is yellow, and the top of his head was brown, so his head looked like a sunflower. There is bumble bee on his shoulder and the other side had a lady bug. What a spectacular color combination. This was just plain fun, and it reminded me that art comes in all forms and it is all delightful.


While in Glastonbury, we had a chance to visit the Chalice Well, and the sculpture as you walk into the gardens is graceful and elegant. It reminded me of another element of design, shape.

red well

Not only is the shape graceful, but the sound of the numerous waterfalls is soothing and peaceful. Again I saw how these elements could be used in jewelry design. Can you see it?

Another element of design is line…and this church door at the Bishop’s Palace in Glastonbury really inspired me. This design could be utilized in so many ways, as a chain element, earrings, or necklace, by using our Wubbers Teardrop Mandrel Pliers.


Wasn’t that medieval craftsmanship breathtaking?

In Cornwall we visited Tintagel, which, according to legend, is the birthplace of King Arthur. There must be a million stairs up to the site of the castle ruins, which actually dates later than King Arthur, but there had been a building there for centuries before the castle ruins, so who knows. Anyway, the texture of the island and the smoothness of the water reminded me of just how much I love the juxtaposition of smooth metal and a rough texture, which can be done with several of the Wubbers Artisan’s Mark hammers. So try the smooth and the textured surfaces and see what you can come up with. It’s very powerful, just like King Arthur.


Finally, in Boscastle, on the northern coast of Cornwall, we found this graceful sculpture, which brings in all the elements of line, color, shape, value and texture…


but if you are not a sculpture person, how about this 14th century home, Cothay Manor, which also incorporates the elements so elegantly.


Cothay Manor was also used in the BBC series, Wolf Hall, which I am sure many of you have seen. The texture and color of this magnificent house was just too fabulous. So think about the lines in the windows and the texture of the stonework next time you design a piece of jewelry. You can make it all work together.

So I hope you have enjoyed a bit of Merrie Olde, and yes, I cannot wait to return. Renee and I speak of our trip all the time, and it was truly an inspiration for our upcoming jewelry. I hope it has inspired you, and as the British so eloquently say, “It was just lovely.”

Creatively yours,


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One comment on “Need Ideas? Travel and Look to Mother Nature
  1. TexCin says:

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photographs of Engliand. The art, architecture and gardens are inspiring!

    I was interested in your comment that you have a hard time seeing color. I never realized that I too have that problem. A talented friend whose artwork includes such an amazing array of color and I recently had a discussion on this subject. She is able to coax an incredible number of colors and shades from one color. With her, I looked at various objects of one color. A blue cloth looks, well blue to me. She looks at the same cloth and sees many colors and shades, as light changes, there is more color to see. I found this fascinating as try as I might, I saw a singular color with perhaps a shade change as light was added and removed. I have tried to develop the ability to discern color with limited success. The closet I can come is working with copper and torch. Those colors really speak to me and I am happy with that!

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