The Art of Giving Back Giveaway!

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Laura Scott

Our very own Laura Scott, Wubbers University Communications Specialist, recently spent a week on a humanitarian trip in Nicaragua. Her story can be read below.

In honor of giving back to others…

Wubbers will conduct a random drawing to give away a free pair of Wubbers Apprentice Pliers to one lucky winner. With this pair of pliers, consider making a piece of jewelry for someone who has blessed your soul, or who might need some encouragement, or who inspires you to be a better person. We want to challenge you to explore the art of giving back.

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To enter, go to our “The Art of Giving Back GIVEAWAY!” post on Facebook and simply tell us in the comments below who you want to give back to and why. One lucky winner who leaves a comment will be randomly selected on July 18th, 2016 and will be announced on July 19th, 2016.

Laura’s Story…

A little over a week ago, I stepped out of the airport back onto American soil. I had just spent the most exhausting yet refreshing week of my life in a country whose people and culture forever impacted my soul…


I went into this humanitarian trip with a group of 30 other people not quite knowing what to expect other than to be there to serve and give whatever I had to offer to the people of Nicaragua. Little did I know how much this trip would give back to me through the experiences and friendships made.

The sights around us were astounding

The colors,

Volcano 1000
the food,
and the creations of local artists/artisans.
Soap stone sculpture by Oscar Casco
Local leather artisans
Bracelet I came home with from a local jeweler

The people of Nicaragua are hard workers

They are innovative and problem solvers. Thankfully, we were fortunate to learn from them and work right alongside them. Most days we worked hard to clear land with machetes in order to make gardens for hungry school children, we moved piles of dirt and rocks, and stacked countless cinder blocks to make homes. We played games with school children and shared Coca Cola, candy and stickers.


But, my favorite day was spent at Casa Materna

Casa Materna is a dormitory full of women who were in their last month of pregnancy. They leave their families and their homes to be attended to day and night by nurses, as this is Nicaragua’s standard practice for maternity care. One woman had walked three days to get there. It was a true gift to me to just sit and visit with them, serve a warm lunch, and then pamper them with pedicures.

My heart will be forever changed thanks to the people of this country. They gave me a greater capacity to love, to remember what it means to think beyond myself, and to challenge myself to create with a meaningful passion. We can all give back in some way whether big or small. I want to challenge you all to find that passion that drives your soul; that has the ability to share with others in a way that brings meaning and has a lasting impact.


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