NEW! Triangle, Oval and Square Texture Hammers!

I am so happy to introduce a new addition to our family of Wubbers tools —

patti bullard larger photo

The Artisan’s Mark Shaped Texture Hammers!
  • Square
  • Oval
  • Triangle
Best of all, Wubbers offers them with…
A lifetime guarantee. With this kind of guarantee, the Wubbers Artisan’s Mark Texture Hammers create a lasting impression; the ultimate hammers for creating unique textures and patterns.

It’s all in the details.

Smaller in size and uniquely shaped, the Artisan’s Mark Shaped Texture Hammers are perfect for detailed work.  They have been carefully designed with ergonomic handles made of high quality white oak, shaped to encourage the correct grip from the moment you pick up your new hammer.  Created with attention to the smallest detail, the hammer heads are pinned on tight, making them secure and safe to use.

Unlike any other two faced hammers on the market —  
The square and oval shaped hammers have coordinating border textures built in. One face has the main texture while the other face is designed to easily create a uniform border that is complementary to the main texture; easily adding finesse´ to your designs!
Two Triangle Hammers?  What’s the difference? 
One triangle hammer has the point of the triangle turned upward, while the other hammer has the point turned downward, allowing each to make its own unique markings.For each hammer, one triangle face has a texture pattern, while the opposite face is smooth and polished. The well-defined edges of the smooth faces can make a variety of marks, ranging from deep lines to very fine, delicate lines. The points of the triangles also make unique marks, depending on the angle and pressure used while hammering.

Four hammers, eight faces! 

Layer the textures and enjoy experimenting to see how many different looks you can create!

Here’s wishing you many happy hours of jewelry-making,
NEW Wubbers Artisan’s Mark Texture Hammers  
A New Addition to the Line of Hammers by Wubbers 





Be sure to check out our helpful tutorial on how to use Liver of Sulfur to add depth to the texture you make on metal.


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