Random Acts of Kindness Giveaways!


Random Acts of Kindness

I have known about the “pay it forward” movement for a long time, but had never really experienced it in a drive-through. Now, many of you know that I love large Diet Cokes from the MacDonald’s drive-through. These large drinks cost all of $1.08, which makes them even better!

The other day I was entertaining myself in the drive-through line, awaiting my Diet Coke. When I pulled up to the window, the cashier told me that the driver in front of me had paid my bill.


It was like Christmas! I know that it was just $1.08 for the drink, but this random act of kindness gave my day a million-dollar boost!

I never knew who the gift was from,

and I had no idea whether the gift was a stretch or simply pocket change for the person in line in front of me. However, that didn’t really matter. I loved it all the same.

Now, for the challenge…

Let’s dedicate the week to making people happy! It doesn’t take much-just a simple, intentional action. It can be a smile, a pat on the back, or even a Diet Coke. If you have time, it can be a special pair of earrings that you have made or perhaps a plate of warm cookies.

Just remember, no random act of kindness is too small-they all count!

Wubbers wants to start things off

We love all our Wubbers friends, and we would like to make creating jewelry even more fun and productive. So, we are going to sponsor a “Random Acts of Kindness” week to share our tools.

So, here’s the nitty-gritty!

We will post the winners on FaceBook each day, starting Monday, August 21st through Sunday, August 27th. We will also send out a newsletter the following week announcing the winners. Winners will be selected from the customers and registered users in the WubbersUShop database. If you would like to enter, be sure to go to the WubbersUShop.com website and set up an account before Monday, August 21st. No purchases are required! If you have any problems registering, please email info@wubbersu.com, and we will be happy to help you out.

The Prizes!

Monday —  Artisan’s Mark Triangle Hammer

Tuesday — Proline Nylon Jaw Pliers

Wednesday — ProLine Round Nose/ Flat Nylon Jaw Pliers

Thursday — Medium Round Bail Making Plier

Friday —  Medium Square Mandrel Plier

Saturday — Set of 5 Proline Pliers with original stand

Sunday — Set of the original 5 Artisan’s Mark Hammers with the stand

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