Spring Into Action!

Spring Pantone 2018 Report

I always look forward to the Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report. Although some of the colors may not be my favorite, or look the best with my pale skin tone, the combinations of colors always fascinate me.  The possibilities and the thoughts they provoke are exciting to explore.

This Spring, I felt butterflies would be appropriate to grace the color report. Print it off, hang it above your workspace, and fly away with it in your jewelry designs to places you never thought you could go!

Spring into Action – A Wubbers Tool Tip

Did you know, the light action springs in our Classic Wubbers Pliers are especially designed to save wear and tear on your hands?

It takes less strength to open and close the Classic Wubbers, and they are especially great when doing repetitive work or when working for extended periods of time. The longer handles of the Classics keep the pressure off the palms of your hands and provide extra leverage, which is important for large and small hands alike! The broader shoulders of the Classics allow you to easily “get a grip,” reducing the need to clench your hands as tightly.  With tools like the Wubbers Classics, what are you waiting for? Spring into Action today!

Spring Jewelry Trend – A Walk on the Wild Side
One of the Spring trends in jewelry, reported from the runways of New York’s Fashion Week, took us on a wild safari ride into tropical destinations. From butterflies, to fruit, to giant bright flowers, the jewelry was bold. It definitely made me feel as if I could create my own fashionable pieces with splashes of color and a little walk on the wild side.

We want to see your Creations!

Have you created any pieces lately that speak to your wild side? Have you connected more with bright bold colors or created any animal jewelry recently?

Click on our image below to link to our Facebook page and post a picture of your jewelry in our Walk on the Wild Side Facebook Post. If you do not have Facebook and would like us to include your picture in the thread, email your photo to Info@wubbersu.com and we will gladly add it for you.


And in case you need ideas to get started…   

Check out these wildly free courses on WubbersU.com!

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