Once Upon a Dragon…

We were thrilled to see so many of our friends at Bead&Button 2018! 

Even more exciting was seeing our friends win recognition for their work!  Our very own Wubbers University instructor, Debbie Benninger, entered this mesmerizing copper wire and handmade glass bead dragon in the International Metal Jewelry Artist Wire Competition, winning a second place award for this gorgeous creation!

It took Debbie roughly 3 weeks, of 12 hour days, to complete this beauty. 
Debbie has had experience with making specific parts of dragons in the past, but this time her focus was on the body and tail, making sure each bead of the body hinged correctly to allow for fluid movement.

Mary Ann Helmond of MA Beads designed and made all of the glass Debbie used on this dragon.  This creative collaboration is inspiring to say the least!

Oh and did we mention…this dragon was made using Wubbers!!
As spectacular as these pictures of the dragon are, seeing the dragon in person, was ten times more mesmerizing.  Just to give you an idea, the dragon’s head is the size of an iPhone and it took Debbie adding to it at least 3 times to get him to scale with his body.
The versatility of this piece is an added bonus. If you add the second necklace, he turns into a belt!

We offer Debbie all of our most sincere congratulations!  This is an award well deserved!

About Debbie

Debbie Benninger was born and raised in London, Ontario, Canada. She has been involved in a number of creative crafts all of her life including scrapbooking, cross stitch, furniture restoration, knitting/crocheting and had a dollhouse miniature business, where she also taught classes.
With a hunger for knowledge and new techniques, she considers each day a success when something new is learned. Debbie invites you to come on this journey with her and to not hesitate to contact her about any question, big or small.  Debbie truly loves what she does!
Debbie currently teaches classes out of her home in Canada and can be reached through email at idjewelryanddesign@gmail.com
Always remember to be “InDividual by Design”
If you want to see more of Deb’s amazing work check out her website at idjewelryanddesign.com
Processed with PICSPLAY

Processed with PICSPLAY

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