Wubbers are off to Their First Museum?!

Nestled among the mountains and the brightest of blue waters of the Chilkat and Chilkoot Inlets off the Gulf of Alaska, sits the most curious of museums.  A true one of a kind in the world.  It is the Hammer Museum in Haines Alaska.
Giant Hammer

With over 2,000 hammers on display, the amount of artifacts in this museum easily outnumber the 1,731 residents of Haines. Since opening its doors in 2002 to both residents and the thousands of tourist who come by each summer on cruise ships, the Hammer Museum has provided hours of educational entertainment to young and old alike.

Recently, Patti and her 10 year old grandson, Mikah, were able to explore the Hammer Museum together.

They found hammers for tough work,

They found hammers for “delicate work,”

They found hammers for “super delicate work,”

And for all of our Bead&Button friends, they even found the perfect hammer from Milwaukee.

There was only one thing the Hammer Museum was missing. Patti and Mikah searched high and low. However, they could not find Wubbers Artisan’s Mark Hammers anywhere in the museum.

After an informative conversation with the museum’s owner about Wubbers, an invitation was graciously extended to Patti for the admission of the Wubbers Artisan’s Mark Hammers to grace the walls of the museum!

The hammers will be packed and shipped off in the weeks ahead.  Patti does not know the next time she will have the opportunity to visit the Hammer Museum. So, if you happen to find yourself on an Alaskan cruise and your ship docks in Haines, be sure to plan a stop the museum for us. Then, take a picture and send it our way!


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