Accordion Fold Bracelet


blue bracelet

Accordion Fold Bracelet

by Laura Scott


  • 18 gauge wire
  • 26 gauge wire
  • Ruler
  • Flush cutters
  • Wubbers Parallel Pliers (any size or shape)
  • Wubbers Round Nose Pliers
  • Wubbers Medium Round Mandrels
  • Beads of choice
  • Rubber mallet
  • Stainless steel block

1 supplies

Step One

Set your Wubbers Parallel Pliers to desired width. Begin to wrap wire around both jaws. As you wrap be sure to work your way down the jaws toward the base.  This will allow you to slip off the coil while continuing to make it longer. Be sure to not squeeze the handles while wrapping the coil.

2 wrap
Step Two

Continue to wrap down the jaws until you run out of space.  Gently squeeze the pliers to allow coil to partially slide off the end. Continue to wrap the coil.

3 longer
Continue to make the coil until it is approximately 4 inches long.

Step Three

Begin to unfold the coil by grasping two links at a time. Separate the first two from the coil by unfolding them as you would open a book.  Now take the next two links in the coil and fold them the opposite direction.  Take the next two and fold them back the direction of the first two. You will continue down the coil in this accordion style unfolding process until the coil is completely unfolded.

Note: Do not worry about unfolding the bracelet completely flat. You will flatten it in the next step.
Step Four

Once the coil is completely accordion folded. Flatten out each section of links using your hands.  Once it is mostly flat, gently tap the links with your mallet. This will flatten the bracelet nicely while also work hardening it.

After flattening the bracelet, curve the links into a bracelet form.

Step Five – The Clasp

Take one end of the bracelet and completely unwind the last set of links. Straighten the wire with your Wubbers Wire straighteners.  Cut the long end of wire that has been straightened down to a little over 1 inch.
clasp loop
Using your Wubbers Round Nose Pliers to roll a loop on the end of the wire,

Grasp the wire a quarter of an inch below the loop with the larger jaw of the Wubbers Medium Round Nose Pliers gripping the top and the small jaw gripping the bottom of the wire.
Now roll the wire around the pliers until the loop reaches the center of the last set of links on the bracelet.

Using flush cutters, trim extra links off of the opposite side of the bracelet from the clasp to reach desired size of bracelet.

Step Six

Using 26 gauge wire, string beads throughout each desired link of the bracelet.
beadsContinue around the bracelet until you are finished. 


Wishing you joy in the journey,


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