Lucky Faux Pas?

Who knew Faux Pas could be lucky? 

With a pair of Baby Wubbers and a little creativity, one Austin artist was determined to make blunders work in her favor.


It all started when DeeAnne and her friends had the opportunity to attend a party, dressing up as “Fashion Faux Pas.” DeeAnne thought it would be fun to make imitation rabbit feet as party favors and call them “Faux Paws” to go along with the theme of the party.


But she didn’t stop there…

After the party, DeeAnne kept making the Faux Paws. They were an instant hit with her friends and family. Soon after trademarking the name Lucky Faux Paw®, DeeAnne was busy in her studio making and filling orders. As she worked to perfect the product, the idea came to her to give them their own website and open a shop. In 2018 she did just that.


You can find her Lucky Faux Paw® on and at her Etsy shop, Iowa Maples is the label that she has created to name all of her finished crafts.

Oh and speaking of names, did we mention her last name is Bullard?

That’s right, DeeAnne is one of the three Bullard women. She is daughter to Patti Bullard, the owner and designer of Wubbers tools, and the sister to Laura Bullard Scott, President of Wubbers. 


DeeAnne has always enjoyed crafts.  Embroidery, crochet, polymer clay, sewing…She has made puppets, stuffed animals, handbags, tea towels; she likes learning about new materials and new things to make with them. It was only befitting that she would naturally fit into the Wubbers family.

How about you? 

What are your favorite things to make with your Wubbers? Tag us on Facebook or drop us an email ( to share with us. We would love to hear from you and see your pictures too! 

Wishing you all the joy of creating,

Patti and Laura

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