When Bikers Wear Jewelry

View More: http://carriescreationsphotography.pass.us/laura--pattiThere are pieces of jewelry we design for fun. There are pieces we design to sell. Then, there are those special pieces. The ones we design with purpose and meaning. They can be some of the most challenging to make, but oh so worth it.

Allow me to share…

My good friend and her husband recently joined Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA). Working in conjunction with local and state officials, BACA members provide protection for abused children and create a world in which they can feel safe.

When BACA members make the initial ridbaca-logoe to meet a child, 20 to 30 bikers go together to deliver gifts. One of the gifts is a teddy bear. All of the bikers hug the bear and fill it with love. If the child is feeling low on support and needs more hugs, the bikers ride out again and fill the bear up.

If a child has to testify against his/her abuser, BACA members assemble and are ready to ride. They will escort the child’s car all the way to the courthouse. Can you imagine the confidence the child feels looking out the car window seeing these bikers by their side?

Then my friend showed me a small marble.

It was a marble she obtained on her first ride, symbolic of all the tears of the child they were going to “catch.” My heart let out a sigh. She asked me if I could somehow take the marble and incorporate it into a pendant held together by chains. The chains are symbolic of the bikers being united in their cause. Yes! Most definitely I would make this pendant! Marble

Little did I know how challenging encasing a marble with tiny chains can be! 

I made a prototype. Remade the prototype. Remade it again…. So many times I just wanted to break the chains, bust out the torch, and solder together a silver cage for the marble. Each time I struggled to get the chain to close and hold its shape, I was reminded to honor the symbol of love and sacrifice my BACA friends were giving to these children.

Realizing they would ride 30 minutes to a scared child’s house in the middle of the night and surround the house to keep the “bad guys” away, my heart let out a bigger sigh.

Then finally it came together…


The marble of tears caught; held in chains that were meant to be tough enough to withstand fear and violence. Encased in love. Worn with compassion. Oh. So. Worth It.


Finding joy in the journey,


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