3 Ways to Boost Creativity!

For most people, the new year brings new goals and fresh starts. I want to provide some inspiration for letting the creative flare roar this year. Here are my top three suggestions to lead the way!

1. Conduct a workspace tidy-up

Creativity tends to get messy at times. The new year is a great time to conduct a tidy-up! Many of you may ask, “but isn’t the chaos where most creative minds get their inspiration?” I say yes…and no. I am the first to admit I thrive in organized chaos. Below is a picture of my workspace following the holidays. A lot of new designs and elements left this space in pretty wrapped gift packages.


However, at some point, the inspiration and new ideas are repeated enough to become ordinary. This is a good indication it is time for me to wipe the slate clean and allow a fresh space for the process to start over.

Perhaps that is why January 13th has been declared National Clean Off Your Desk Day? Take this opportunity to give yourself the gift of a clean workspace in order to rejuvenate those creative juices.

clean desk

Be sure to share your workspace tidy-ups with us on Facebook! You could help inspire others!

2. Commit to learn something new

There are several studies proving the benefits of learning something new has on the brain. From fighting off dementia to improving your self-esteem, the benefits are numerous.

Gardening Gloves Cradling Baby PlantsWhether you decide to make jewelry, cook a new recipe or read a book about gardening, introduce yourself to something that is intriguing to you. Research has found our brains make connections across all fields of interest. Learning something new in one category, can trigger ideas in a completely unrelated interest.

Whether it is once a week, month, or quarter, make the commitment this year to learn something new. You never now how it will influence and translate into a phenomenal new jewelry creation!

WubbersU with T words

To help you get started, check out our free classes on Wubbersu.com!

3. Dedicate your time

Night and day

How easy is it to come to the end of a day and wonder where exactly it went? I will be the first to admit I loathe the words “time management.” My days can be demanding and pull me in several directions. Before I know it, I can go almost an entire week and realize I have not stepped one foot into the studio.

For me, it is important to carve out specific time dedicated to creating in the studio. This might mean planning ahead with that dreaded phrase of “time management,” but every time I do this, the payoff is wonderful. I am happier and feel more accomplished. My creative juices have their outlet to run free!

Smooth Stacked StonesKeep in mind, we are all different. For some, the struggle may be dedicating too much time to creating. This isn’t the same concept is being “in the zone” and cranking out masterpieces. I am talking more about when you spend so much time making jewelry, you catch yourself squinting and causing eye strain. Or, the bail you just tried to solder melts for the second time. Both of these examples are a good indicator it is time to take a break.

As the saying goes, the key to keeping your balance is knowing when you’ve lost it. If you have lost your balance, perhaps it is time to take a break and go find it again.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it works for you. I look forward to sharing a creative year ahead with all of you!

~ Laura

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