Scouting for Diamonds

This same time last week…

I spent my morning with Girl Scout Troop 5443. This was a special treat for me because I love to share jewelry making with the younger generations and spark an interest in our industry.

What better way to spark an interest than to use a torch!

They loved anything I showed them with the torch. They were mesmerized with the Argentium® fusing and giddy over making rainbows on titanium.

I also brought out the “diamonds”

The girls were eager to learn all about the “diamonds” I brought for them to see. 

They were actually Rainbow Moonstone. This opened a great discussion about rocks and minerals and the difference between cabochons and different types of cuts.

We even got down to business

Each girl was given a holographic sticker with the Wubbers logo on it. One of the girls said she was going to stick it on her bedroom door. I quickly said “ask your mom before you stick the stickers anywhere.” The excitement was appreciated though. To see young girls absorb the belief that they could follow their dreams and that their ideas had value, made my heart very happy. It was worth waking up a little early on a Saturday morning for this.

But then the most exciting part…

The girls got to make their own necklace. 

They each used a Wubbers Artisan’s Mark Hammer to texture a copper flower blank. Since the girls ranged in age from 6 to 11, I thought long and hard about how to best avoid hammered fingers. I finally decided I would tape the copper blank to the bench block. 

I have to say this was not one of my better ideas! When it came time to patina the flowers, there were tiny pieces of tape permanently indented into their flowers causing the patina to only take on the non-taped areas. Oops! The girls still loved the outcome though.

I can’t say they loved the rotten egg smell so much.

Each Girl Scout had a cup with warm water and Liver of Sulfur. We had a little science lesson on chemical reactions as well as the proper way to waft something when you need to smell it. 

 After a few “eeews” and giggles, they started shining their pieces and adding the final step of the jump ring to slide the pendant on their ball chain.

I think they all did an amazing job!!

Girl Scout Troop 5443 was definitely a ray of sunshine and a breath of fresh air. They even gifted me with a special resin pendant I just treasure. 

My pendant has the lucky shamrock in the center which is well recognized in the Girl Scout logo. To the girl scouts the shamrock is representative of a reliable compass leading us toward friendship and unity. 

May we all carry our “shamrocks” with us and share them with others these next few weeks my friends!


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2 comments on “Scouting for Diamonds
  1. Brandy Steen says:

    Ok, where in the world can I talk to a Wubbers Person of the company, not neighboring partners, not a company that sells Wubbers. I have spent WEEKS trying to ask one SIMPLE QUESTION….IT HAS BEEN ANYTHING BUT!!!!!. I THOUGHT I SUBSCRIBED TO JUST ABOUT EVERY NEWSLETTER AND I BOUGHT COUNTLESS TOOLS. I’ve written EMails, to send, then it comes back oh sorry this web address doesn’t exist. Not that anyone will answer this, but…why not. Did EVERYTHING else I could think of. Thank you Brandy

    • wubbersu says:

      Hi Brandy, this is Laura, the owner of Wubbers. Please email me at and I will give you my phone number to call. It’s sounds like you have had a frustrating time. I am not sure who all you have contacted but you are at the right place now and I will take care of you.

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