Wubbers University was founded by Patti Bullard, the inventor of Wubbers Pliers, in 2012, after realizing there was a void of in-depth, quality online learning resources in the jewelry making world.

Wubbers U is a members-only website that offers FREE instruction on all types of jewelry making.  Headed up by Lexi Erickson, Wubbers U will soon be offering certification in jewelry making.  Stay tuned!

To claim your free membership, simply sign up for an account.  Your enrollment key will be sent in the confirmation email after you sign up.  Enjoy!

2 comments on “About
  1. Martha Dale says:

    Would love to see a demo on the new tapered mandrel pliers I just got, I can’t get the wire to stay put as I wrap it on the pliers.

  2. Anna says:

    I love all my wubbers tools. But once I take them out of the packages I no longer can remember what size the round or square mandrels are. Is there any way that you could put the size they are on the ends, so when i pick them up I know it will make an 8mm or 6mm
    ring or square. Just wondering.

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