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Buying Sterling Silver Jewelry Wire – by Katie Hacker

Please welcome guest writer, Katie Hacker! Katie Hacker has been wire wrapping for a long time and there is still a whole world of wire to explore. Katie is the content strategist for Halstead and hosts Beads, Baubles & Jewels

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Lexi’s Solder Tips

Anyone who knows me knows that I am passionate about soldering. It’s one of the very basic techniques needed when making jewelry, and one that many people don’t understand. In fact, I have been in a class where the teacher

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Jewelry Making Q&A: Finger Tape for Wubbers Looping Pliers

Question:  The regular size Wubbers Looping Pliers are designed for use with 20-gauge wire.  Is it possible to use other sizes of wire with them? Patti’s Answer:  You can use 20-gauge wire or smaller with the Regular Wubbers Looping Pliers.

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Jewelry Making Q&A: Tumbling Several Pieces at One Time

Q: Is there a way to keep track of all the pieces I tumble?  I always seem to loose pieces in the stainless steel shot! A: Our answer comes in form of a tip from Wubbers University instructor Heidy Henke.

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Jewelry Making Q&A: Bezel Does Not Fit After Soldering

Q: My bezel fit before I soldered it; now it doesn’t. Do I need to start over? A: Don’t despair, it has happened to me, and once I called the mill from where I had purchased the silver, and they

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Jewlery Making Q&A: Polishing in Tight Spots

Q: How do I polish in those hard to reach, small spaces? A: Ever find yourself in a “tight spot”, where you can’t get a file or silicon wheel into a small area for polishing? This little tip helps a

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