Patti Bullard’s Guest Appearance on the PBS Show Beads, Baubles and Jewels

Patti Bullard is the owner and inventor of Wubbers Pliers, and can be found developing innovative jewelry tools in her Texas studio.

The new season of Beads, Baubles and Jewels begins May 1st! This year marks its 10th anniversary year and the 20th series.  I was thrilled to be asked to appear again on the popular PBS show, hosted by Katie Hacker, who is an absolute doll.

We have my segments to share with you early — in the first video below, learn how to create a bangle bracelet.  In the second video, I go over things to consider to choose the best pliers for the job in a bonus Tool Tip.

Check your local PBS listings to see when Beads, Baubles and Jewels airs in your area, or watch online on the Beads, Baubles and Jewels website.  They will be posting new episodes every Friday.

Bangle Bracelets


Tool Tip: How to Choose the Right Jewelry Making Pliers

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5 comments on “Patti Bullard’s Guest Appearance on the PBS Show Beads, Baubles and Jewels
  1. Catherine Franz says:

    I wanted to purchase the bangle molds as mentioned on the video several months ago and when I checked they were all sold out. I wanted to check on them again to see if they are available or I can backorder them or whatever and I can’t find the place to do so. Please provide info.

    • wubbersu says:

      Hi Catherine, thanks for your interest in the Wubbers Bangle Press. We are anxiously awaiting a new shipment early this week, and hear that we will be getting a new pattern this time. We will announce the new bangle presses once we have them back on the website either Tuesday or Wednesday. ~ Heidy

      • Catherine Franz says:

        Patti, any way I can pay for these now so they are shipping to me as soon as they arrive? They seem to go like hot cakes when they do come in and I surely don’t want to miss them again. And you are having new ones. Wow, can’t wait. Hope I have enough money for them. They are so cool. Love, love, love them. I’m not going to tell anyone at my school until I’ve got mine in the bag, otherwise there will be a bigger run on them. FYI, I know Lexi.

      • wubbersu says:

        Hi Catherine, please email me at heidy [at] about preordering the bangle press. Thanks! ~ Heidy

  2. Peggy Absher says:

    Will you be getting in any of the scroll bracelet presses. I would love to have one. I have the small and large scallop. I would pre-pay as well. Thank! Peggy

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