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Wubbers Cares: A Hopi Pu’tavi Project Update

If you haven’t heard about our initiative, Patti Bullard, owner of Wubbers, recently traveled to the Hopi Reservation in Arizona to volunteer teaching jewelry making classes with Roy Talahaftewa to local teenagers.  Started 15 years ago, the program had been on hold

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Hot Rocks: Zultanite

by Linda McMurray, G.G., A.J.P Mesmerizing, 100% natural Zultanite is one of the newest gemstones to hit the market.  This once collector’s stone is now featured in high end jewelry designs.  Zultanite has the ability to change colors from

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Ask an Expert: How to Choose a Jewelry Saw

There are dozens of saw frames on the market now, and it can be overwhelming to know which one to choose when you first start out making jewelry.  Over the years I have collected quite a few, and will guide

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Jewelry Making Q & A: All about Bezel Wire

Q:  I would like to know if you would share some of your wisdom with regard to choosing the right bezel wire, specifically bezel wire thickness and height.  I use mainly fine silver if that makes any difference. –Monica, via

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