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Need Ideas? Travel and Look to Mother Nature

As many of you know, Wubbers University teacher Renee Crum and I traveled to England last month and I have to tell you, it was probably the best trip of my lifetime. It’s so much fun to travel with someone

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Lexi at the Denver Gem and Mineral Show – Part 2

I’ve shared my thoughts of the first few days of the Denver Gem Show, but the show that opens on the Thursday of the show week is the only one that many people know about. So many jewelers don’t know

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Lexi at the Denver Gem and Mineral Show

What do you have when you have a group of friends from all over the country, a free 7-day schedule, (which is rare!) great weather and 10 large venues for looking at rocks, fossils, cabochons and beads? You have a

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Lexi’s Solder Tips

Anyone who knows me knows that I am passionate about soldering. It’s one of the very basic techniques needed when making jewelry, and one that many people don’t understand. In fact, I have been in a class where the teacher

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How Do I Beat Fear and Live Creatively?

How do we overcome fear and deal with it? Any activity where you put your work “out there” can be terrifying. You are suddenly open to criticism from people you really don’t know…especially if you post on the internet. Sometimes

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Ask an Expert: Ten Essential Jewelry Sawing Tips

It matters not what type of jewelry you make, someday you may need to saw something out. We highly recommend you watch John Sartin’s Wubbers tutorial on Sawing and Drilling. John shares many techniques, which will make sawing much easier.

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Jewelry Making Q&A: Ferric Chloride Etching

Q: Hello again Lexi! You’ve given me such wonderful advice in the past and so I thought “who better would know the answer to this?”  Does ferric chloride etch raw brass? I have a number of ideas for projects, and

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Jewelry Making Q & A: All about Bezel Wire

Q:  I would like to know if you would share some of your wisdom with regard to choosing the right bezel wire, specifically bezel wire thickness and height.  I use mainly fine silver if that makes any difference. –Monica, via

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Wubbers Weekend: Meet Lexi at Santa Fe Jeweler’s Supply

I am really looking forward to traveling to beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico, for a Wubbers Weekend the Saturday and Sunday of Mother’s Day Weekend.  There I will be teaching three free workshops — all you have to purchase are the class

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Sensory Overload! That’s the Tuscon Gem and Mineral Show

I have just returned from a most fabulous trip—spending lots of time with the Wubbers Women, seeing STONES and BEADS, teaching a great class of women, seeing old friends, buying STONES and BEADS, sharing lots of great meals with friends,

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